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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


We are Alpha Chi Omega.  

We are real women: diverse in our experiences, our identities and our stories. Our sisters must reflect the diversity of our communities, and we must welcome them to an accessible, inclusive and equitable experience. We are a sisterhood committed to creating spaces where all members are respected, are included and feel a sense of belonging. 

We are strong women: eager to embrace the interconnected and diverse world in which we live. Our unique experiences provide an opportunity to learn from the personal narratives of others; we listen with humility and openness as we commit to appreciating all that is noble in another. 

We are real, strong women committed to fostering diversity, cultivating equitable and inclusive environments, and empowering all of our members to seek the heights. 

To learn more about Alpha Chi Omega's DEI efforts visit our national website!

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