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We recruit most of our new members through the formal recruitment process during the Winter. The deadline to sign up for Winter recruitment is at 11:59 pm on January 12th, 2022. Register for Recruitment via Campus Director. 

Panhellenic  Potential New Member Orientation 1/11 or 1/12
*attendance is required at one event to participate in primary recruitment

2022 Recruitment Schedule

  • Set 1: January, 13th & 14th, virtual, time TBA

  • Set 2: January, 15th, time TBA

  • Preference: January 16th, time TBA

  • Bid Night: January 18th, time TBA

Learn more about the Panhellenic Community at Northwestern. 


We also recruit new members through a process called continuous open bidding (COB). This is when we spend time getting to know prospective Alpha Chi Omegas in informal settings, like philanthropic events or campus activities.
Overall, membership in Alpha Chi Omega is mutual. Our recruitment processes helps us get to know women we think might be a good fit, while prospective members get to learn more about us and decide if we’re the organization for them. It’s important for both sides to feel like we’re a good match. 

If you would like more information click the button below to find out more and a member of our recruitment team will be in touch.

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