Members of Alpha Chi Omega strive for excellence in all areas of life, including academics.  Since Spring 2012, Alpha Chi Omega has consistently ranked among the top three sororities with the highest GPA and has surpassed the all-women’s GPA at Northwestern.


At Alpha Chi Omega, we promote a supportive, encouraging learning environment for our members.  Sisters often study together in the house, at the library and at Norris, and we are always available to help one another. Alpha Chi provides a strong academic network and community for its sisters; it is common to see sisters assisting others who require textbooks or help understanding concepts, since many have taken similar classes.

Our Vice President Intellectual Development works hard to create programming and resources for the chapter.  Alpha Chi aims to promote academic achievement and learning inside and outside the 


classroom.  Programs include study hours twice a week and a variety of programming with professors, teaching assistants and professionals on campus.  Academic resources consist of an online databases of members’ majors, minors, and course evaluations.

At each chapter meeting, Smart Cookie awards are given to sisters who are nominated for recent outstanding academic achievements.  These awards include certificates, high-fives, and candy.  In addition, at the end of each quarter, we recognize our sisters with Academic Awards—these awards range from serious to silly and are a fun way to end the quarter on a positive note.

We also host annual Career Days and Resume Workshops featuring Alpha Chi alumnae with developing careers who are invited to advise sisters based on their personal work experience.  The goal is to reveal how Alpha Chi Omega influenced their journey through the real world in a beneficial way and to encourage staying connected to the fraternity during this journey.  


We are so proud to have won the Intellectual Development award at Alpha Chi National Convention 2014!